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Volkswagon (VW) has been an established and well known automobile company that has had many experiences in it's long life-span. There were many great cars produced and designed, for example the Beetle. The marketing section of this company has been through lots of hard work to make it's companies cars popular world-wide. The following essay will discuss the stages of product life/fashion cycle, the merchandise found at each cycle, location of merchandise, how the products are priced and promoted, advertising used by store, target markets of the products, the stages of the advertising cycle, psychology (Maslow, Appeal) of needs, merchandise promoted in advertising, and related in store selling techniques.

Volkswagon has had quite a long history leading back all the way in world war two. But not many cars have been all the way through the stage of product life/fashion cycle. The Golf, GTi, Jetta, and the Passat are still in the rival stage which means that these cars have very many competitors.

They have developed a good reputation and many people love and are aware of these products. For example, some of these competitors are the Honda Prelude, Civic SiR, Chevy Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Acura 1.6 EL, and the Subaru Impreza. There is one car that has been through all the stages of the product life/fashion cycle, which is the Beetle. The idea of the Beetle was originated from Adolf Hitler in 1942 in Germany. Hitler wanted to create a car for the people, where everyone could by buy one. It would cost very little, use very little gas, have very popular styling, and most important, be long lasting. It didn't have demand nor supply when it was being researched on. They did a lot of market research on the Beetle and found out very clearly what...