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How to play football as good as Gavin Wanganeen.

This guide will help you to enhance your footballing abilities.

Here are three different ways to kick a goal: 1. From a set shot - After you have made a lead to the player with the ball, (if you are a full-forward. 9 times out of ten they will pass to you) you have to take a mark.

Line up the goals in front of you.

Start to approach the goals at a slow pace and then start to jog.

Drop the ball onto your boot and follow your leg through.

Depending on the distance your kick should sail through for a goal.

2. Running with the ball - If you have no opponent on you and the ball is passed to you, take the ball and start to run. (Making sure that you bounce it every ten or so steps.)

If no other player is making a lead then home in on the goals. Keep running and bouncing the ball. When in distance of the goals, get your kick off. It will go through for a six-pointer.

Here is how to complete a bone crunching tackle.

Here is how to spoil your opponent from taking a mark.

If you are playing in the back line and your opponent goes to take a mark do not push him.

When the ball comes in punch your arm over his shoulder.

Make sure that you hit the ball.

It will prove to be another good spoil.

Now that you know all the tricks of the trade, you will be a great footballer and you will most definitely make the AFL. Well Done.

Instructional Piece - Written and created by Tim Fielder 10c. 2000©