Wards Cove Packing Co. v. Atonio

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Do you feel the current hiring practices are discriminatory? Why or why not? What policies should be adopted?

Yes I feel that the companies were being discriminatory because the companies were hiring their employee's through a hiring hall agreement for their cannery line jobs that was predominantly Filipinos. It was clear to see that the work force was predominantly Filipinos with very few Alaskan natives. The Filipino union was the ones that were being discriminatory on there hiring practices, when other white Americans were trying to get a job with the canneries they were not hired because of their race. The predominate race that lived around the cannery and in the neighborhood should not be considered a factor however the Filipino union was promoting their race.

The companies' non-cannery positions were predominately white and that is race discrimination as well. The two companies need policy changes on their hiring practices the policy changes should include not hiring through the Filipino local union hall located Seattle.

The companies need to open up their hiring practices to give the most qualified candidates the positions at the cannery. Race should not play a factor in the hiring process as well as skin color. The companies need to give the most qualified candidates a chance to work at all the non-cannery positions.

The company was creating allot of animosity in their work force by giving the non-cannery workers a separate mess hall and dormitory that was superior to the cannery workers. The companies need to promote teamwork in the work place and have everyone working together. The companies could have avoided allot of conflict if they would have had one mess hall and dormitory for all of it's employees. The company needs to have a structured salary based on the jobs and the...