The Wars- Importance of the four elements of life

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Throughout the existence of man on earth, the four elements of earth, air, fire and water have been vital to man's existence and have been the driving force in sustaining the life and insuring the survival of humanity. These four elements are four basic building blocks that allow man to not only function and live, but to further himself and develop into the dominant race on the planet. These four elements are four basic natural commodities that ensure the survival of the human race but when they are present at times where unnatural things take place, they can take life away. War is not natural. At times of war, everything that is known and everything that is peaceful is thrown away to become an utter chaos where humans do things that are aberrant and deviate from what the course of nature is. It is at times like these where the four elements, which are the four natural building blocks of life, become a threat and inherently dangerous to the survival of humanity.

During The Wars, the four elements continually play a destructive role in the survival of soldiers in the army as the four elements they know and trust are continually manipulated against them. Fittingly, these four elements are placed as an inscription on the gravestone of the main character, Robert Ross, when he dies. Throughout the novel The Wars, the four elements are constantly deadly when they are found in places where they should not be, and when they are taken out of their natural state and used by humans against other humans; they are also present to help give and sustain life, but present as well to take it away which is why, in conjunction with their aforementioned attributes, the four elements are written on the gravestone of...