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Water is the world's most valuable possession. Without it, most life forms could not possibly exist. When industries contaminate fresh water, not only do humans suffer, but also so does the atmosphere as well as a massive amount of marine life. Water contamination is also the biggest health risk society faces in the world today. Millions of people are killed by water contamination in the developing world alone. Outbreaks of diseases formed by water contamination are a serious threat to society. Once a breakout happens it can spread like wildfire since water has so many uses. This happens everywhere worldwide and can seriously infect and kill large numbers of humans as well as any other species that consume the contaminated water.1 With society being so dependent on water, water is considered the most essential necessity required by the human population. Water contamination is among the most serious issues that society as a whole must deal with immediately for the sake of the human race, the atmosphere the biological life which it surrounds and most importantly, for the sake of over fifty-one percent of the world's plant and animal species inhabited underwater.

Firstly, mining industries that contaminate various bodies of water, actually do a lot more damage than the short-term effects that meet the eye. Here in Canada, society takes water for granted because it contains twenty percent of the earth's fresh water. Unfortunately, the laws and the technology to protect this vital resource remain far from perfect. Human activities such as mining, threaten the water sources that humans depend on for so many of their needs. By carelessly deriving other resources, these industries are seriously polluting fresh water supplies. While the human population recognizes that mining does have to take place, society cannot allow it to contaminate our...