The way we really are: Coming to terms with America's changing families.

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Family values. Family values don't seem to mean as much as they used to socially. The American family has changed since the 1950's and is still changing today. The economy has declined, school systems and a close-knit family has declined as well. The post-war era brought baby boom and thousands of jobs. America was also the place to live out the so-called "American dream". Now, America is still a strong country, but we are struggling in our families. Both parents are working to make ends meet and more. Kids are involved in gangs, drugs and teenage pregnancy. Where have all of the values gone? Are we socially deprived with our families just to live? We need friends, but we most certainly need family. I have learned over the years that family really does make a difference in our children and us. The American family will never be like it was in the 1950's, but we should take into consideration the impact it made on our leaders, present and past, so that we can ensure that our future will have the same impact.


America's families. 3

The way we really are:

Coming to terms with America's changing families.

I remember former Presidential candidate Dan Quayle talk about family in his campaign for the White House. That was the eighties and I was far from believing in "his" family values. I was a teenager then and all I had on my mind were drugs and ditching school. I had no clue that life would as complicated as it got. It was very frustrating for me to live at times. I was an only child and growing up with my grandparents was not always fun. They had "old fashioned family values". Back then that was disgusting to me. Now it is...