We are all apes

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This essay is an overview of both sides of Human Evolution

Evolution or Creation

Adam and Eve... The "first" humans... Was it an act of God or was it an act of evolution? A solid front on both Spiritual and Scientific arguments causes a "cease fire" on this battle ground. Priests as far back as the first human established language have "fought" with the findings of scientists on the matter of how the human race was created. The decision by which you determine which front you side with is entirely up to your belief systems and your values on fact or reality.

I for one, stand on the side of the great scientists of our prospering human race. Several reasons contrive my argument as to why I believe this, and I will explain each to you. My explanation is to simply bring forth my "artillery" to hold the scientific argument of evolution's ground.

At first I would like to bring the matter of evidence into play. For countless years scientists have studied the human body and its evolution through time. Devoted minds have pushed past all the public appeal and come to visual evidence that we are nothing more than an evolved ape. I had found in a article in Scientific American by William R. Leonard that said, "Scientists generally assume therefore that the last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees (our closest living relative) was also a quadruped. Their communication skills and language is at times very much like ours. We as a race are nothing more than, as I like to call it, the "newer model." My feelings are that if you are to put an ape and a human being side by side, our actions are the same as theirs, only on a more advanced level. Now,