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Assume racism is everywhere, every day. Just as economics influences everything we do, just as our gender and gender politics influence everything we do, assume that racism is affecting whatever is going on. We assume this because it's true and because one of the privileges of being white does not have to see or deal with racism all the time. We have to learn to see the effect that racism has. Notice who speaks, what is said, how things are done and described. Notice code words for race, and the implications of the policies, patterns, and comments that are being expressed. It seems people in my community already notice the skin color of everyone they meet and interact with and I notice what a difference it makes.

The big reason that there are racist people is that humans are scared of other humans with differences from them. Some people try to ignore the fact that there are other races in the world by living in a white neighborhood.

Some people say that racism only happens in some parts of the world. This is not true.

For some time now I have been concerned with the way my community is so stereotypical. As I look around everybody looks basically the same. We are all white skinned with the outline of the typical all American “wanna be” community. The only minority around me is white because that’s all who live here. That would explain why all the leaders are none other then white American people. The only thing to judge is how much money one makes over the other. I wonder if we were to sit down and go through our family history if any of them would be surprised to learn where they actually derived from? I know how my...