The Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

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English 1020, section 104

Dr. Palmer


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Mia needs a job

Interior Designers, Fashion Designer

Mia bucks, a 23 year old married friend whit two children Sarah and john, Mia is trying

to choose a suitable career after she takes her bachelor's degree in design, drawing, and

computer-aided design (CAD) this year. Of course, all of us fist think about our future profession

as a child, Mia is free to choose anything thing she wants and how she wants it. She is thinking

about the profession of being an Interior Designer or a Fashion Designer. Mia is trying to focus

on her interests; she is trying to choose a job based on her priorities. Mia is thinking about the

salary and the difficulties during the upcoming training, she has many priorities in her life which

she must deal with each and every day; not only does she choose to be a model student, but she

chooses to be a model citizen as well.

Mia has morals and values which she have learned, she is

always neat and clean she has good sense of humor and communicates effectively with others,

she has a sense of style to develop a great look for anything, and has a great choice of clothes.

Mia is a challenging person and likes to travel and discover new places, which are great qualities

for both of the jobs she has in mind, but to make a wise career decision, she needs as much

information as possible. The more she learns about herself and the job opportunities, intelligence,

professional appearance, affection, family time, good salary, travel a lot and skills to succeed

vocationally the better she'd be able to choose a satisfying career.

Money is part of everyone's life. Therefore, some believe how...