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Court History and purpose Paper

By: Robert Alcocer


August 16, 2012

Instructor: Janet Jackson

Within the American criminal court system their are many differences

than that of federal court, or court system from a different country. In the

United States our court system that has been recognized as one of the

toughest at times but also one of the lenient system at times. Also within

the American court system the most important thing to consider is that our

courts are a dual court system with state and federal courts.

Court is described as an agency or unit of the judicial branch of

government, authorized or established by statute or Constitution, and

consisting of one or more judicial officers, that has the authority to decide

upon cases, controversies in law, and disputed matters of fact brought before

it. Within our court system that are sovereign, means that the state system

cannot dictate to the federal court system how they should interpret or

enforce there laws, vice versa federal court system cannot dictate how the

state court system should enforce there laws.

The only exception that federal

court systems have is that they could enforce the federal Constitution and can

dictate to the state when their actions fail to meet federal Constitutional

standards. The United States Supreme Court is the highest federal court, which

means that this is the highest appeal in the United States. The purpose of the

court is to seek justice and to discover the truth. The primary personnel in the

courts are the prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges.

Within the American court system, the United States has a dual court

system. The dual court system consists of two independent judicial systems, one

on the federal level and one on the state level. This translates into 52 different...