West Gate Bridge Collapse(Australia)

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A. Major Cause the problem on WEST GATE BRIDGE

In the west gate bridge collapse major troubles is dueling with the interrupts off:

1. Information

2. Situation

3. Mission

4. Execution

5. Administration

6. Communication


All the companies involve is avoid seeking the information about the disaster happening in bridge collapse around the world. They did not intercepted with the disaster happening close by as they try to build the west gate bridge span 10-11and span 14-15, as the design and technique was similar to the disaster, happening in just four months earlier. On other side of the world, at Milford haven south wave, that cost four humans live if they just have a quick look at those. Perhap they can avoid the disaster


Situation is base on the position they can handle or can not handle the project. Basing with the design start perfectly, accept the lack of information.

The main constructor Lower Yarra Crossing Authority (LYCA) could not deeply knowing about the sub constructor very well e.g. Freeman Fox and Partner (FFD), World services and Construction (WSC), and John Holland Construction (JHC )

With the FFD is the oversea company, so some how they could not directly side on side with the procedure, thus lack of knowledge about data feeding hence they can not provide useful advice. And often too late to attack the problem, when the proceed in action

With the WSC the major construction (LYCA) did not check deeply the management problem of them, creating by the inter union demarcation disputes, who should work and who should not work on the steel section, therefore disrupter strikes, protest meeting, walk off the job. Such things end up being too far behind the steelwork time.

With the JHC take over the steelwork of USC, that show...