Westside Story vs Romeo & Juliet

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Since West Side Story is a modernized version of the famous story, Romeo and Juliet about two star-crossed lovers, who are separated by petty hatred of either or both, family and peers. The main roles in both stories were played by Tony and Maria in West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, they were the star-crossed lovers in both plays. Bernardo's mate was Tybalt, Officer Krupuk&'s mate was the Prince, Chino's mate was Paris, Doc's mate was Friar Laurence and Anita's mate was the nurse.

Maria and Juliet were similar because they were both young females, who fell in love with the enemies of their family. Tony and Romeo were also young men who both fell in love with the enemies of friends and family. Bernardo and Tybalt were both always looking out for either Maria or Juliet, Bernardo being Maria's brother of course wanted to protect her and Tybalt, Juliet cousin also wanted to protect her and her families name away from any Montague (Romeo).

They both died and killed someone in the play because of hatred. Officer Krupuk and the Prince were both out for the peace of the streets of their provinces. Chino and Paris were both bachelors, which had prearranged marriages with Maria and Juliet. Doc and Friar Laurence were there to guide Tony and Romeo. They gave them advice and their opinion from a neutral point of view, looking for hat is best for them both. Anita and the nurse were both also looking out for Maria and Juliet. They were always on their side also. They were to Maria and Juliet as Doc and Friar Laurence were to Tony and Romeo, always looking out for them.

Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story were similar in the following five ways:...