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Whistle blowing

"...the disclosure by an employee (or professional) of confidential information which relates to some danger, fraud or other illegal or unethical conduct connected with the workplace, be it of the employer or of fellow employees." -

-A widely accepted definition of Whistleblowing by Lord Borrie in 1995


"My name is Jimmy Cisco. I am the CEO of the Acme Banking Corporation, which is a

bank with operations in several countries throughout Europe, over 1,500 employees and over EUR 9 billion in assets. I have held this position for six months now and a critical situation has come to my attention. The action I take will have serious implications for both the company and my career. The main details of the problem are as follows.

My second in command, the Vice President of Acme Banking, is Jerry Murphy. He has progressed up the ranks to this position over the past 25 years, since he was hired as a clerk.

He knows the company better than anyone and to be honest, I seriously doubt that the company could run as well, or at all, without him. He's personally responsible for securing and maintaining many of the large contracts that the bank has with important clients.

I have always respected Jerry on a professional level. However, it is no secret within the company that his personal life is a mess. He has been married and divorced three times. Usually, this would not be any of my business, but when I became CEO I began to uncover some alarming facts about the way Jerry operates and that there tends to be a blurred line between his professional and private lives, and on occasion, even finances.

I was suspicious of Jerry from day one, simply because I believed that he was...