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I. Introduction Jack London, a skilled writer, is seen as the best of his time. Many of London's works are considered to be world classics. In, White Fang, London cleverly transforms the main character, and uses the characters background as the catlyst in this transformation.

II. Summary of White Fang London wrote White Fang as a contradictory story to his own Call of the wild. White Fang is a story of a dog (White Fang) whoose father is a wolf, and his mother is a dog. He is taken from the wild as a pup and raised with a group of Indians as a sled dog. Whereas in The Call of the Wild the main character was first a domesticated dog and then driven into the wild.

White Fang was taken in by an Indian as a pup, and taught to live the ways of a domesticated sled-dog.

One day his Indian master gave White Fang to a dog figther in exchange for bottles of whiskey. White Fang did not approve of this trade, and became a ferocious animal, which is just what his new master wanted. White Fang fought for this man several times and never lost, untill one day. When the day arrived, White Fang had to fight a bull dog, and if it wasn't for a man named Weedon Scott, he would have died. He was his new master for ever.

III. Analysis of characterization In White Fang the main character is White Fang.White Fang began his life as a wild wolf-dog, but he was taken by an Indian as a pup, and was domesticated. He soon learned the power of his master and obeyed his laws, even though his wild instincts told him not to, as London notes: Every instinct of...