For Whom the bell tolls Describe the characters what are there likes dislikes fears ect. what would the story be like with out them in it

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Ernest Hemingway's: For Whom the Bell Tolls is an incandescent novel that shows many aspects during wartime. This brilliant story fits any reader's personality. For women there is the love aspect, for men there is action, and for a commonality there is history, tragedy, and deceit. In order to understand this story one must look at; the story itself for example; what is going on through out the novel and how it came to be. Also one must examine the characters, understanding them will give the novel the effect the writer is trying to present.

The time frame the story takes place is in the late thirties, with flashbacks of episodes in the lives of different characters. The setting varies through out the spellbinding saga; however the main portion of the book takes place in the Guadrrama Mountain Range. The protagonist is Robert Jordan he is an American solider who fights for the republican side of the Spanish civil war.

He becomes a Guerrilla fighter, who not only has to deal with the battling side but the antagonist Pablo. The tale has many twists and turns including Robert falling in love, wartime loosing its innocence, and the value of human life

The protagonist Robert Jordan is an American solider who leaves the United States to become a Guerrilla Fighter also known as guerrilleros. Robert enjoys the physical realm of life including smelling pine trees, drinking, and having sex. He does not allow his feeling or emotions interfere with his work. During the novel he realizes that he does not stand for what the republicans do however continues to fight on their side. Because of this he has many conflicts through out the story, not only with the war but internal conflicts as well. He falls in love...