Why I Am Not A Christian

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Jason Bianchi 6e 28/09/2001 Essay on Bertrand Russel's ''Why I am not a Christian'' I will go through every main section in Russel's speech; giving a brief summary to every section , and will then give my comments and opinions each.

At the beginning of Russel's speech, he tries to define the word 'Christian' and its meaning nowadays. It has quite a vague meaning in these times compared to years ago. A good definition might be 'A person who lives a good life', but this implies that all people who are not Christians are not trying to live a good life. A Christian is therefore is one who believes in Christ, in God and in an afterlife.

I fully agree with Russel's definition of the word Christian, although we have various types of Christians (Evangelical, Anglican, and Catholic), and their beliefs are not identical.


To the question of whether God really exists or not, Russell tries to go through a number of different arguments which prove God's existence, and each one in turn, he tries to tackle them and give his opinion.


This argument states that every thing in the world has a cause, and if we go back cause by cause we eventually come to God being the creator of everything. This seems quite a logical reasoning, but when Russell came across the phrase 'Who made God?' that immediately hindered his acceptance of the first-cause theory. This is the phrase that states all the fallacy in this argument.

My comments to this argument are that if we want to believe in a divine being such as God, and believe in his existence, then we cannot look at it in the same way that we view practical and scientific things, where...