Why do people commit suicide?

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There has to be a reason why they people commit suicide, you might not know but they do and there are a lot of possibilities. It could be that the child was having problems at school, about their body. Sometimes the parents don't even see that there is something wrong with their child, they don't bother to know what's going on at school, if they have problems, if they are depressed, nothing. People who commit suicide aren't necessarily stupid.

Low self-esteem can lead to suicide. You could be self-conscious about the way you dress, how you look, and your weight. In the book, Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper, Andy, the main character, was with his friends and one of them died. Andy thought it was his fault and couldn't handle the pressure, so he killed himself. Everything I listed above is about myself and I am telling you how I feel, it makes you very depressed.

However, I'm not so depressed that I will kill myself. Every time somebody looks at you, you wonder what is she/he looking at. When you're teased, you have very low self-esteem. You start to get self conscious about your self. You start to get very depressed, thinking you hate yourself for no reason at all. You start hating everybody around you, feeling negative and talking negative about people and yourself. You don't think about things before you do it, especially if it is something you want to do and it tends to make you think you want to kill your self.

When Andy was thinking of killing himself he wasn't thinking about his family, friends, or enemies. He was just confused. It's like when you mad at somebody and you want to punch them, you don't stop and...