Why Do Sharks Attack Humans?

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Sharks, the most feared and admired animal on the planet. So much is known about them and yet there is not alot known at all. Many people feel they are too dangerous and need to be killed while others want to save them from extinction. There are many different types of Sharks, and few are extremely harmful to humans. They only attack when provoked, mistaken identity, and when they are curious.

When a shark is provoked it can be a dangerous animal. Whether its been kicked or a boat hit it or any thing else. Sharks have tempers just like humans and they can take only so much before they defend themselves or retaliate.

When a shark sees something that resemlbes their diet, they immediately attack. Great white sharks are known for this. They see divers or surfers and think they are seals. But once they bite and realize it is not their food they release and leave.

Many people believe that sharks do not like the taste of humans because there is not enough fat.

Sharks do not have hands and therefore when they want to know what something is, they have to bite it to find out. They are curious and feel the need to find out about anything foreign in their domain. This means humans, because they are not a normal sea creature.

Sharks are mysterious but simple at the same time. If you respect their boundaries then they will respect yours.