Why The Ford Ranger is a better vehicle than the Chevy S-10.

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Blue Oval or Bow Tie? The Battle of Mini Trucks

Competition has existed between The Ford Motor Company and the General Motors Company since each was established as a major car and truck manufacturer. One of the biggest battles between the two companies is the production and distribution of the Ford Ranger and the Chevy S-10. Both of the two trucks are similar in size, shape, price, safety, and in several other features and options. To choose one of these two mini trucks is done, for the most part, by means of brand loyalty. Everyone has seen these trucks driving on the street and almost everyone has chosen a favorite between the two. But the perceptions of these two trucks have been made simply by seeing the "factory look" of the two. This perception is fine if you are interested in buying one of the two for an everyday driver or for a work truck.

What about if you are like my friends and I, and you want to make your truck into a car show winner? I myself picture what the truck would look like once some bodywork, a paint job, rims, tires, and a number of other modifications are done to the trucks. By looking at the trucks in that perspective, the Ford Ranger is a better truck to fix up and modify for car show purposes rather than the Chevy S-10 because of the Ranger's better styling and looks, its scarcity at shows, and its way of causing an exciting challenge to the owner on the many possible ways to fix the vehicle up.

The first reason for this is that S-10's are more common on the street and at shows than flies at a meat market. Everyone seems to own one and attempt to fix...