Why Islam is More Progressive than Christianity (Short Response)

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The two main ways in which Islam and Christianity have progressed are religion and society. In comparing both the ideas of the Koran and the Bible with beliefs of current Muslims and Christians, it becomes apparent that Islam is the more progressive religion as well as society of the two.

The Koran, the book of Muslims and the Islamic community, goes in depth of behavior and rules for Muslims to follow. These set guidelines mapped out a way of life for a whole civilization and religion. While there are different rewards for being a good Muslim, the worst offense is being a nonbeliever. Nonbelievers are said to go to hell, and are, according to the Koran, one of the few people that will get you in Allah's good graces if you were to kill (Koran). In the Bible, it is wrong to kill any man. The two philosophies have stimulated two different cultures and belief systems, and have progressed at their own speeds.

While the 'Western world' is considered the most progressed, with our cars and other scientific breakthroughs, it is really the Middle East that is beyond it's years. The western civilization has been based on material objects, and has lost its way of religious focus while producing such things and people as Britney Spears and the X-box. The Middle East, on the other hand, has stayed close to it's roots and grounded it's culture in that of the teachings of the Koran and the words of Allah. Therefore, stronger communities are built with stronger people.

While Technology may run rampant in the Western world, teachings and learning of the Koran is what is stimulating the growth of the Middle East. Futures aren't smudged out by distractions of flashy advertisements or catchy songs; the Islamic community...