Why John Locke's government is the best choice to use

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How would you like to elect your own officials, be treated equally, and have the option to rebel if your rights are not looked after? John Locke's government allows people who's rights are not being upheld to rebel against the government. Locke's government is also an Indirect Democracy which works well and keeps order throughout the country. The citizens in this form of government are allowed to chose the leader they feel will most likely look after the other people's rights. With all of these excellent attributes, John Locke's government is best suited to control, provide for, and protect the people.

Rebellion is a key factor in Locke's idea of government if the citizen's rights are not being looked after. He states, "When the legislatures try to destroy or take away the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the populace who can then refuse to obey the laws."

This means that when the legislatures use their powers for their benefit instead of using it for the good of the people, the citizens can revolt because the legislatures aren't keeping their promise. This is not saying that people can rebel whenever they feel like it, it is saying that people have the right to protect their freedoms. If they are in danger, they should take a stand and defend themselves. Smart people would chose Locke's form of government since it allows these people who aren't being treated fairly to rebel and speak their minds.

An Indirect Democracy has worked in the past and continues to work in today's world. Our very own country even uses this type of Democracy to govern the ever large, and still growing United States. In Locke's system, the citizens...