Why Marriage is Horrible

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I was given this key piece of advice a couple of years back by the biggest stud known to man- Trevor.

Trevor is a 40 ish year old bartender at a local bar, so he knows something about life and love. He is has an 8th grade education but his dick is a Rhodes Scholar. The guy screws more women than the Republican party; and he told me this:If an attractive married women wants to sleep with you andyou either have a death wish or are a trained cage fighter then what the hell doit. Sex with a married woman will be the best sex of your life. When a marriedwomen has an affair it is equivalent to you being in the penitentiary for 20years and then being released and unleashing all 20 years of pressure with thefirst attractive woman you see. She is choosing you to do what her husbandcannot do, and she will do to you what her husband doesn't appreciate.

Butseriously be careful because you are probably going to be killed.

AND HE WAS RIGHT!I currently live in a life of fear, but it's worth it cause the sex is amazing. Remember how you felt when the heard the ice cream trucks tune come around the corner...well that is how I feel when I see Renee's face pop up on my phone alerting me to her incoming call.

I met Renee a couple of years back. She was married. She was as lascivious as a woman could be. In an attempt to earn extra money I began to tutor at the University for a small fee; I never thought Renee would pay me with sex in the stead of bills. I am telling you the back story to lay the foundation for our escapade a couple of...