"Why should the Driver license policy be issued?".

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I, a future driver of America, am concerned about the driver license policy. I and other

future drivers of America think that it is a good and a well-educated choice that should be

made across. The policy that states, you must have a high school diploma or a graduation

equivalent degree in order to apply for a driver's license is good. I feel that this is the best

way to get our license. Don't you? This technique will and shall keep kids in school. Another

pro is that there will be less car accidents. Finally, another reason is that kids will and would

be more mature. Therefore, this policy will be a change in the society.

Have you ever wanted your license really badly? Well we sure do. Kids today really want

their licenses early. They want it early because then they can go anywhere by themselves

and their parents don't need to follow them around.

They also will do anything to get it.

Nothing will stop them from trying. Therefore, they will go through anything to obtain their

goal, which is to get a driver license.

Would you want to live in a place, where there is little traffic? I know I would. If kids got

their license during their senior year they will be more educated in safety. There will be less

car accidents. Less kids would be drunk driving, because they already learned about it in

school. But if kids got it early, it would be a disaster. There will be accidents and accidents all

over. Therefore, accidents would be at an all time low.

Don't you wish that kids would be a little more mature? I am a kid. I know that it is a

fact that kids are not mature. Some are...