why steve jobs is the leading innovator of the past 30 years

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Why Steve Jobs is the leading innovator of the past 30 years

Have you ever bought an album or song from your favorite artist online? Enjoyed a more recent Disney movie? Used a smart phone? Have you ever jogged down the streets with your headphones in your ears listening or danced to your iPod? These are some of the industries and products that are enjoyed by regular people, everyday, as a product of him or his innovative influence. Many have heard of him. Most people have been affected by one of his groundbreaking new technologies, products, designs, or films. The average person can hardly cross a public road, listen to the radio, or watch TV without hearing or seeing one of his products. He is possibly the, greatest and most innovative mind of the last thirty years, a man who continuously and flawlessly re-invents the wheel through his products, Steven Paul Jobs.

Steve jobs has been a part of almost every major technological breakthrough since the invention of personalized computers. As a known perfectionist and a man driven for success, Steve Jobs began his career as a college dropout. Later to become one of the richest men in the world, he's held the Guinness World record for the lowest paid Chief Executive Officer by getting paid only $1 from Apple, for tax reasons and so he could be on the company's healthcare plan. His relentless search for excellence in his products led to many great designs and successes in the business. One of his early successes was with the $139 million in sales success of the three-years of sales of the Apple II computer. This product demonstrated early, his ability to produce a phenomenal 700% sales...