Why Are Taxes So High In Canada

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Why the taxes are so high in Canada

Every government gets the budget from the taxes, and those taxes are collected from people who live in the country and enjoy the benefit and welfare that provided by the government. Therefore, every citizen in every country has to pay taxes, no matter what products or services they purchase. Some countries have heavy taxation, such as Swiss, Japan, and Canada. People always complain about heavy taxation, especially when the one who live in heavy taxation place. A government can tax its citizens directly and it can tax the property they own. There are many kinds of taxes, for example, personal income tax, foreign income tax, property tax, good and service tax, and business tax ..etc. However, people have to look thing on the other side, when they complained about heavy taxation. Most of heavy taxation countries have a better welfare system than others, like Swiss and Canada. There are so many welfare in Canada, and the residents of Canada have to pay higher taxes to government than any other countries. Then government can find the way to balance the high budget.

First, Canadian government provides unemployment insurance to all Canadian. This welfare is very important for every one, especially when people lose the job and have to live on. They can get the pay-cheque from government until they find the job. Every-time, people get the job, they have to pay 5% of their salary for unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance provide a good working condition for every worker. Also, it help unemployment people to find the second job easier.

Second, senior pension and child tax benefits. Senior people and children can not work and most parents have over two or three children in the family. It would be very hard...