Why Is There Stereotying?

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Why is there Stereotyping? A lot of the population miss out on the some of the best people in the world because they believe in stereotyping. Stereotyping is the mental picture we use to define a group in society. Personally I have met members of the community who looked like they fit into the "˜loser' category, but turned out to be well-educated and fine human beings. Sometimes I wonder why some people try and act better than their fellow man. Most of the time these people are jerks, anyway, which balances the natural wave of life.

Down though man's evolution we got this attitude that people from another race or land are untrustable and therefore bad. Well I could see this way of thinking benefiting us thousands of years ago, but it has no place in today's society.

Many men and women like things to be familiar, routine and are frightened of new people and experiences.

We like to think that we will not be harmed by the things we know, but where are the learning opportunities in the familiar? This is why I believe that new people with their experiences and wisdom can show these people new worlds they have never seen. Perspectives they have not yet know become apparent just by talking to a fellow who you may not have approached normally. The media construes a lot of stereotyping. We can't help but be influenced by modern communications. The reason why is that journalists can't help but put their stereotypical views in the news.

A lot of parents also force their views on other on to children. Which in turn hold these views as values that they cannot lose willingly. Think of all your parent's taught you, does it seem like religious tradition? One cannot lose these teachings straight-out. The only way to leave stereotypes of the past, in the past, is to live life with an open mind. Meet new people and try and talk to get their point of view. Slowly a person realizes that we are all the same. With the same needs, desires and thought processes. Once this hurdle is overcome we can come to realize and appreciate the need to accept one another at common value. Stereotyping cannot bring humans forward, only leave us behind.

Finally, stereotyping cannot build bridges of understanding; they can only breed distrust and hatred. After all we all breathe Oxygen and drink water, eat food? Why can't people come to understand that we all put are pants on, one leg at a time? Why is there stereotyping? There is stereotyping because it's in human nature to distrust and try to have a sense of individuality. This is an issue that only time and compassion for our fellow men can resolve. The why in this subject is irrelevant. The why not forget about stereotyping is the matter we need to focus on for the future. With change comes adaptation. I think it's time to adapt.

Nov 22/2001 Jonathon D. Shingoose