Why would you want to go to ......( college of your choice)?

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As you sit there reading this essay, you contemplate that one question, "What makes this student different"? As an honest, pragmatic person, I can tell you that I'm not much different from the last student you just examined. Every student that applied to this college is striving for the same goal. That is to find the career path that interest's one most. So as you look at stacks of applications understand this; it is hard to find abilities to accentuate as an individual.

I would like to come forth with the idea that I am an original person. With the unique course that we all go though called, "Life", we become that one certain person we identify as. My name is ......and my main strength is that I'm ....(ethicity). I had lived there for about six years of my life. Then moved.

Moving from two distinctly different countries was a big experience in my life.

This has allowed me to grow up as a very cultural person. Enduring the differences in the two Spanish, American cultures has made me realize the great opportunities that life has to give you. My sister and I have been the only two members in our family to be offered an opportunity to go to college. This being so, I would like to pick a college that will best lead me to the great path of my future. ------will best suit me in my career path I have chosen.

With the opportunity given to me at-----, I think that I will make the best of the time being. It will help me grow not only in my career, but also as a person. Going through college is one of the many stages that will impact me in the future, therefore I would...