Wife Of Bath: A Response

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The Wife of Bath could be considered an early feminist icon by her actions, dress, the way she associates with people, and the way she has power over men. She is much like the woman in the tale she tells. She refers to the tale as her Phastasy line 190. By comparing her last marriage and the tale she tells you can draw parallels between the two. On close inspection one can reconcile between the ending of the Wife of Bath's tale and her own life experience in her last marriage to a man named Jenkin therefore reconciling the fairy tale ending of the tale.

There are strong and distinct parallels between the Wife of Baths last marriage to Jenkin, a much younger man and the knight situation with the woman in the Wife of Bath's tale. One of the similarities is demonstrate when both women gain sovereignty over their husbands but don't exercise it.

Jenkin struck her in the head so hard she ended up losing hearing in one ear . He was so over come by guilt he gave her power over his self. The woman in the Wife of Baths tale did the same, after gaining power over her husband she submitted and made herself beautiful and young. Both stories are similar in events therefore have similar "fairy tale" everyone is happy endings.

The two women also gave something emotionally and physically to their husbands for their sovereignty. The Wife of Bath submitted her lands and sexually to Jenkin after he gave himself over to the Wife of Bath. The woman from the Wife of Baths tale gave the knight the answer to the queen's question so that he could escape death and her physical beauty. This demonstrates the likeness in characters of the two women.