Wife of Baths Tale

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The Wife of Bath's Tale

In the beginning to the tale the knight raped a girl and was supposed to be beheaded. Queen Guinevere tells them not to execute him, but he should have to find out what a woman wants most in life. She gives him a year to figure it out and he is wrong or doesn't know then he will be executed then. So wanting to save his life he goes on the quest to find the answer, but every woman he talks to gives him a different answer. Until he finds an old lady who says she'll give him the answer if he agrees to marry her when it's all done. He agrees and they go back to tell the queen that all women want in life is how have power over their significant other. The answer was correct.

The Knight now had to marry the old lady as part of their deal.

After the wedding they went to bed and he was upset and she asked why, he said it was because she was old and ugly. She said she could be either old, ugly, and faithful. Or she could be young, beautiful, and unfaithful. She told him to choose which one he'd rather have, and he told her to pick which ever one she wanted. She chose to be young, beautiful and to be faithful. They had a happy and loving marriage after that. The Knight started out as a bad guy but in the end all he wanted to do was be happy with the person he married. He gave her the choice to do what she wanted and that's all she asked for from him.