In The Wild (Comparative study of how nature shapes us)

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The novel "An Imaginary Life" by David Malouf and the poem "The Solitary Reaper" by William Wordsworth both depict the natural world and relationships between humanity and nature. Malouf and Wordsworth have both captured the natural world in their writings and show similar and differing understandings and opinions of aspects of the natural world. These include aspects such as spirituality, isolation and urbanisation.

Malouf's description of the natural world is a great deal more 'wild' than Wordsworth's description of the natural world. Both authors use a detailed description of the natural world however Malouf views nature as more simplistic, for Wordsworth there is great significance behind nature. Malouf's portrayal of nature is a great deal harsher than Wordsworth's. He uses strong adjectives and verbs when describing nature such as "...the whole plain turns muddy and stinks..." and "...for eight months of the year the world freezes".

Wordsworth sees nature as a stereotypical English gentleman would, something for human enjoyment. He uses very straightforward language in his poem to make it accessible for all people. His use of straightforward language also demonstrates the difference between the two different natures. Wordsworth's nature is straightforward and simple, farming lands and small-populated valleys. Malouf's nature is much harsher, a denser and wilder representation of the natural world.

Throughout the novel Ovid become more immersed in nature until he becomes a part of it at the end of his life. Wordsworth is only ever observing nature, he never becomes immersed in it. Ovid is living in uncontrollable nature. In "A Solitary Reaper" although it is the natural world there is a controlled aspect to it. There is not as much unpredictability as there is in "An Imaginary Life". Malouf's depiction of beauty in nature is purely that nature is beautiful at...