William Gerald Goldbergs concerns about the world and reason for why he might of written "Lord of the Flies" the way he did.

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William Goldberg had many situations in his life which may have inspired him to write a book like Lord of the Flies. Goldberg was in the Navy for five years. He was part of some very important battles and saw all kinds of gruesome, horrifying scenes. His experiences greatly influenced his views on human beings. He learned about how brutal people can be to each other, and not just people on the other side. These experiences allowed him to write a book about human nature called "Lord of the Flies".

After that he went to a school and taught English and philosophy. His experiences teaching young children also may have influenced "Lord of the Flies" as he may have seen how young children were just as cruel to each other as the men on the battlefield (the children just didn't have weapons of mass destruction).

Goldberg wrote about human nature and about how humans interact with each other and how at times can just be cruel for no reason what so ever.