William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" analysing Act one scene Five

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William Shakespeare coursework

by Robert Cauley

William Shakespeare is still today one of England's greatest writers, and Romeo and Juliet, which he wrote in 1595, is probably his most popular and well known play.

It is based upon a poem written in 1562, called the tragical historye of Romeus and Juliet by Arthur brooks. The play 'Romeo and Juliet 'is set in fair Verona' in Italy, where it tells the story of two 'star crossed lovers' from rural families, Capulet and Montague, and how they end up taking there own lives. The story is meant to be a warning to young couples not to disobey their parents as this would lead to terrible consequences. Act One, scene five is one of the key scenes in the play, where a party is being held at the Capulet mansion, in order for Juliet to meet Paris, who her father has arranged to marry.

Romeo has attended the event in disguise so that he is not recognised as the son of the Capulet's enemy, looking for Rosalyne, who he loves, but instead meets Juliet and they both instantly fall in love. The plot of the two young lovers from different backgrounds is very popular and is still being used in modern productions -

-West side story by Leonard Bernstein in 1952, with two rival gangs.

-And Across the barricade by Joan lingard, where a protestant girl falls in love with a Catholic boy.

At the beginning of the scene ,servants are rushing around, putting the finishing touches to the decorations, ready for the masked ball that is about to take place. Lord Capulet is hosting this party as an opportunity for his daughter, Juliet to meet her suitor, Paris. In Elizabethan times, when the play was written, it was very common...