The Wisdom of Solomon

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According to The Wisdom of Solomon, God rewards those who are faithful tohim. Do not test the Lord or his power will put us to shame, he says. The wicked willget the punishment that their wickedness deserves. Righteousness, virtue and wisdom aregifts from the Lord and in order to achieve these goals, one must pray. AlthoughSolomon wants to use his wisdom and knowledge to educate others, he seems to use hisown wisdom against himself. Many of the opinions expressed within this book seem tocontradict many opinions that came before him.

The book of Ecclesiastes was written by a prophet that believed life is useless andone should drink, eat and be merry because that is all this life has to offer. There isnothing to look forward to and no one will remember your memory when you pass on.

Even though Solomon agrees that "our breathe is no more than a puff of smoke"(Wisdom 2: 2) he also states that only the wicked in life believe that life is useless.

Solomon believes that there are many gifts that the Lord will bestow upon those whopray and are given understanding. These gifts will help one realize that the Lord is goodand forgiving but is also powerful.

Solomon proceeds to warn the reader of the consequences of wicked actions.

They will continue to be cruel to those who are righteous. They are the reason that evil isa dominant force in the world. What these wicked people do not know is that God willStevens 2always protect those who are righteous and look over them with compassion. God hasaccepted the righteous because they have put their trust into him and will eventuallycome to understand his ways.

Those who are ungodly will receive great punishment in their old age. The Lordwill curse them and their...