Wishes & Miracles Do Happen

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Just great! Here comes Christmas and New Years. There's nothing new when Christmas and New Years comes for me, it's always the same routine over and over. Some child gets adopted in Christmas and gets lucky to have parents on like others, like for example me. For once I want that child to be me in Christmas, but what I'm saying no one will adopt me, I'm just a little girl that don't have a life without anyone. Expect my two best friends named Molly and Nani.

Yes! I'm orphan that doesn't have any parents at all. Christmas and New Years we spend it with a lot of children's that we don't know, like a family and give presents to our friends and celebrate it together. I just wish that this Christmas and New Years it's different, and not the same as the other Christmas years. I hope there's a family that I love and care about me and takes me for who I 'am and not who I look like.

My name is Christina, and this year is going to be the same to me and not different.

It was just like any other Christmas and New Years. The tree was put up with decorations, the lights, and the beautiful star it was like staring at the Rocket Fella Center tree. Even thou I never saw it or went to it, only on television. Everyone was happy because the gifts and having someone to be with in Christmas. Ms. Ramirez the one who owns the orphan's home of children's, she send us orphan's to buy a gift for the Secret Santa.

I was so excited to buy the person's gift for my Secret Santa; it was one of my best friends Nani. I was...