Wit: Life Altering Conditions

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Wit: Life Altering Conditions

Margaret Edison's contemporary play Wit deals with the reality of our being in how it can bring on major life alterations almost immediately, which is then followed by a transformed person. Whether the personality of the individual is changed for the better or the worst, there is no denial that we all can be affected by life's circumstances, which in this particular case is the disease of cancer. The style Edison brings to her play is unique and calls to our attention certain situations considered to be particularly important. Change can occur at any moment in life and in any form, suddenly or slowly; whatever the state of affairs, life is full of constant transformation.

Immediately form the beginning we can draw the conclusion that one of the major themes Edison is portraying is life-altering affairs. We learn along with the main character, Vivian Bearing, that she has a destructive form of ovarian cancer, and like all forms of cancer, there is no for sure cure.

She is presented with the choice to undergo an experimental drug that is told from the start can have severe side effects, especially if taken in full doses, which Vivian insists she can bear. Her treatment calls for eight months of being held property of the hospital. Here we see an individual who is use to being on her own to now someone who must answer to another. Not only is there a physical change, her hair begins to fall out, but there are also occurrences where her very being is being altered.

Followed by the awareness of her disease, Ms. Bearing then has an encounter with one of her former students, who is now above her, and considered one of her primary care givers. Vivian is then...