"The Wizard of Oz."

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On Friday, May 13, 2005 I attended the showing of "The Wizard of Oz" in a form of a musical play which was quite appealing. The cast did an amazing job playing the roles of all of the characters of the original Wizard of Oz and concentrating on the musical assets of the play or musical.

First of all I would like to discuss the positive things about the play which mostly regard the music but other things as well. All of the characters were very consistent with their notes for the most part and did not go flat or sharp at all. If you are a musician, you should be quite familiar with the great possibility of making a mistake while singing in a musical which consists of music that do not contain a steady beat at all which usually gives the singer a distinct idea of when to come in when their parts come up.

The outfits were wonderful and matched the outfits that were shown in the actually movie production of the piece. The main appealing performer according to the audience was Danielle Mendelson who played the role of the main character in the production, Dorothy Gale. She was absolutely amazing. Her sound was absolutely solid. It was pure and sounded as smooth and water spewing out of a faucet.

The next and final thing I would like to discuss is the negative factors of the musical. Now, as I said earlier, the music and notes remained quite consistent, however now that I reminisce, I began to think about the rare times that the tin man went a little flat and sharp at different times. As I mentioned previously the character were consistent but some lost their track of rhythm as well as pitch.