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WOIS DESCRIPTIONS I picked out three job titles that best suited my personality (ESTJ). These are Buyer and Purchasing Agent, Accountant, and Real Estate Agent. Reading through these I noticed how well these jobs would fit my personality and would be a job that I would enjoy doing. What is interesting is that before taking this assessment I was looking into being a buyer and ended up changing my mind and directing my focus into accounting. So it looks like I am heading in the right direction. But I would like to point out why I found each of these jobs interesting and why I think I would enjoy them.

The first one I took a look at was Buyers and Purchasing Agents. When I had first graduated from high school I really wanted to focus on Fashion Merchandising and Buying. It is always nice spending other people's money and not having to worry about spending too much! The Buyers main responsibility is to buy materials, supplies, services and equipment needed for each operation.

On the Retail side which is what I wanted to do they purchase products to in turn sell to customers. Their job includes estimating, talking with salespeople, and negotiating. I felt that I would enjoy this job because I could have the opportunity to work with all different kinds of people, make decisions using personal judgment, influence other people's opinions, and plan and direct an entire activity.

The next job description I looked at was being a Real Estate Agent. The main function of the Real Estate Agent would be to bring the buyers and the sellers together to work out a transaction. The thing that intrigues me about Real Estate Agents is that they are constantly on the move; they are true...