Women's Roles In India, China, Islam, and Europe

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Women played a substantial role in Asia and Europe. The roles differed from country to country. A lot of

women had a very low status compared to men, while others had equal rights. Some of the rights that they did not get

to have were not being able to vote, having no freedom, and not being able to get jobs. Although these rights may

seem very minor they changed the way women felt about themselves and their societies. The way women are treated

can influence their cultures, societies and their self esteems.

In India, during the Mughal rule, women faced some equality. Women from high class families had greater

titles, than that of the lower class. They also received payments for jobs as well as being able to own land and

interact with businesses. These higher women also received an education and were very expressive in art and

literature. Some sources of the Mughal's income was spinning thread which all classes were able to do.

They would

make blankets or clothing and sell it to local villages. They sold a lot of cloths to other countries: Arabia, East

Africa, Egypt, and Europe. However, women also had restrictions on what they can and cannot due. The Muslim's

felt that women shouldn't be able to associate with men outside of their homes, to protect them from Hindus in higher

positions. Sati, child marriage, was also practice in India. Women also had to do what there husbands told them to

do. Overall women in India were treated equally in some respects. Some were able to get an education and make

wages to support families while the low class was more protective by husbands and laws. In India, Muslim religion

played a strict role on women. They told them what to wear and what...