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Recently, a conference was held in Boston, organized by the Women's, Gender and

Sexuality Studies where activists, scholars and artists reflected and re­examined the

revolutionary years of the 1960's and early 1970's. More than 700 people attended. They looked

at the results of the women's rights movement, unfinished business and its relevance today. The

article about the conference, discussed the progress that has occurred since the movement and

what still needs to be done for women's rights worldwide. The evolution of women's rights 1

worldwide since the American Women's' rights movement in the 1960's has led to some action

and other movements, but there are still issues of sexism and abuse of human rights based on

gender around the world. By tracing the present events back to the revolutionary years it reveals

the progress that has been made, how this progress was possible, and the discrimination that

women still face.

There is no doubt that there has been a lot of progress since the 1960's for women's

rights around the globe. In many countries women are getting more human rights, having greater

responsibilities, less restrictions, receiving more opportunities, and facing less discrimination

than before. To show how women have less restrictions than before, at a recent conference in

Saudi Arabia, women were not wearing wearing full head to toe abayas like they normally do.

As changing is taking place in Jeddah, women are getting more opportunities by taking more

significant roles and high power jobs, like lawyers, chief executive of an investment bank, and

running newspapers. Although change is happening in Jeddah, only 600 miles away in Riyadh, a

conservative capital, and it shows how different these two places are. With the open society

places like Jeddah compared to the conservative ways of Riyadh. Even with the...