Work Can Provide More Than Money

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Imagine what the world would look like if people didn't have jobs; there would be individual financial problems, lack of public services and so much more. Very often people relate work with making money. However, work not only provides money, but also provides experiences, offers hopes for further development and serves as a stepping stone for continuing maturity.

As we all know, volunteering is a means of showing one's willingness to contribute to the community and though the work is unpaid people gain valuable experience. My friends and I, forming a little group, volunteered for Canadian Cancer Society. We were to go from door to door and ask for donations. We helped building community spirit and raised money for research and support programs. Our participation in volunteering plays an important role in the efforts of reducing cancer and improving the quality of life for people living with cancer. Even though we did not get any financial profits, volunteering surely did help us to gain valuable work experiences.

It provides opportunity to acquire skills for life. For instance, by volunteering for this event, we all got a chance to enhance our communication skills and we now recognize the essential of communication to initiate change. As it is said, "living on a desert island can't lead to growth; the exchange of idea is necessary to make us grow." In one way or another, volunteering provides solid training which is intended to teach us a meaningful life lesson. The fact that work does not necessarily provide money but experiences can be seen through many of the volunteering around the world.

While work provides experience, it also leads Bill Gates to his success and makes him one of the most influential people in the late twentieth century by inspiring him. Bill Gates is the...