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Management Strategy and Decision Making (Semester 2 2014)


This workbook includes:

• Course Running Sheet • Overview of Course Assessment • Overview of Tutorial Activities • Exam Preparation and Revision Suggestions

Dr Ki-Hoon Lee

July, 2014

Dear Students,

Welcome to Management Strategy and Decision Making (3112IBA) for Semester 2, 2014.

This course brings together themes from across your undergraduate degree to facilitate an integrated perspective on why some organisations succeed, while others fail.

Strategic management has a rich intellectual and practical history. This course seeks to introduce many of the important themes in this area to you.

In designing the course, we have kept a strong focus on the use of practical models and tools to better allow you to apply strategic management in your professional working lives. Therefore, the course consists of weekly lectures and fortnightly tutorials.

During the weekly lecture, you will be introduced to the key themes, theories and concepts of strategic management. Lectures have been designed with the express purpose of preparing you for the fortnightly case study analysis around which your tutorials are structures.

The tutorial activities, mid-exam in class and final exam all assess your ability to apply your knowledge of strategic management to practical strategic management issues. As you will see, the assessment items are interdependent, and your engagement through the whole course is necessary to do your best.

Through the Learning@Griffith site for the course, you will find links to the Lecture Captures as well as links to supporting resources and materials.

The whole teaching team and I wish you the very best with your studies this semester. We are here to help, so please let us know what we can do to make your learning a success.

Ki-Hoon Lee, Griffith Business School, Gold Coast Campus

07 5552 9181...