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Working at McDonald's Working at McDonald's can be either the best job, or the worst job. It all depends on the employee's attitude and the people with whom you work. If the employee tries to have fun on the job, while doing everything properly, working can become quite enjoyable. It helps a lot when there is music playing over the stereo, because you can sing and dance along while you work. If other people are having a good day, they are most likely to join you in having fun. There are many stereo-types at McDonald's, such as unsanitary behaviour, selling food that has spoiled, and what employees do to the food. These I assure you are not true. Since I have worked there, I have not witnessed one unsanitary, or unsafe act. It takes a great deal of team work to get the job done. There is a whole manual dedicated to procedures at McDonald's that is about 400 pages long.

This is only a basic set of instructions for training, serving customers, and working window (on which I will elaborate further).

Training is one of the most difficult stages to go through while working. If you can make it through the training, and impress the managers with your work, you are almost guaranteed a position. There are many stations that you can be trained on at McDonald's. Some examples are window: that is serving customers at the counter; table: where the food is prepared; buns: toasting appropriate buns for the burgers; meat: grilling the appropriate burger patties; drive-thru: self explanatory; lobby: cleaning tables, chairs, floors, outside, mopping, and sweeping; and fries: also self explanatory. There are many complicated pieces of machinery that help employees do these jobs. They also must be used safely and in an appropriate...