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�World wars

World war 1 started in Europe and involved the super powers in July 1914 and lasted till November 1918. Some of the contributing factors of the war are nationalism,militarism,industrialization, and imperialism.The military supremacy was becoming more prevalent between the great powers by that time with the Ideology that the country with the largest army and navy should increase their country's rule and ideologies worldwide.Also the assassination of Franz Ferdinand the Prince of Austria-Hungary by Gavrilo Princip in the Sarajevo during his visit there Austria-Hungary government declared war on Serbia. With the support from Germany the Austrian-Hungary government issued an ultimatum to the Serbian government. After this event Russia deploy troops in order to protect Serbia. Germany on the other hand reacted by deploying it troops so as to protect Austria-Hungary. Germany also declared war on France. Britain which tried to mediate the conflict was drawn to the war so as to protect Belgium as it declared war on Germany.

This war divided Europe into two The Allies who were the french,Britons,Russia,Japan,Italy and later U.S.A and the Central powers which included Germany Austria-Hungary,Prussia and the Ottoman Empire. And it involved two fronts Germany attacking Belgium and France from the western front and Russia attacking both Germany and Austria Hungary from the eastern front. The war ended with the collapse of the Russian government and the signing of armistice by both Germany and Austria Hungary. The world war 2 started in 1939 and lasted till 1945. It involved two sides the Allies and the Axis. The major causes of the war was the regarding by Germany the treaty of Versailles which blamed the Germans of causing world war 1.

Germany due to the military aggression launched an invasion on Poland which triggered declaration of war by...