World Religions

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Have you ever wondered what are other religions after yours origins and founders, there leadership, and their beliefs? Well most of the religions in the world have been founded by someone, most have people who are devoted to their religion and they teach other people about their religion, and all of the religions have an ultimate goal to accomplish; as for Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism are not the exception. Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism founders before they began their religion were normal men who where searching for a good life in this world. Buddhism's founder Siddharta Gautama founded his religion all by meditating why there were so many suffering in this world; whereas Islam and Judaism founders, Muhammad and Abraham, received a word from God and they believed in it. Their leadership is found here on Earth, in the Islam religion people have a direct relationship with God (Allah); as for Buddhism and Judaism they have people who teaches others about God.

Their beliefs are a little bit similar in al religions. In the Islam religion to reach salvation you have to follow the five pillars and Moska; whereas in Buddhism they have to follow the Noble Eightfold Path to reach Nirvana. In Judaism they have to follow the 10 commandments and God will to go to heaven. In the Islam religion Muhammad was born in a mixed religion community. He was raised by his grandfather and uncle because he was orphaned at the age of six. In Buddhism Siddharta Gautama was born into a noble family. In Judaism Abraham was born in a humble family. All three religions are similar but in some ways different in their origins and founders, leadership and beliefs.

In all three religions there are differences and similarities in there origins and founders. In the Islam...