World War 2

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The Three Bad Guys of World War II World War II began in 1939. It started between Germany and an Anglo-French coalition which spread throughout the world. The three powerful dictators involved in this war were, Hilter, Mussolini and Stalin. It ended in 1945, but the devastation and destruction they left behind remains as one of the most terrible events in this century.

Three years of tension mounted as the Spanish Civil War continued, the union of Germany and Austria and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, along with Hilter's invasion of Poland on September 1st led up to the beginning of World War II. France and Britian, 2 days later declared war on Germany. America remained neutral at this time but continued to supply Britian with valuable supplies for the war.

Adolph Hilter, Germany's political and military leader at the time, was one of the 20th centuries greatest and most powerful dicatator.

He turned Germany into a total militarized society and launched the beginning World War II. He is responsible for the Nazi party which started a mass movement. While conquering most of Europe and some of Africia, he had hope to conquer the entire world as well.

Hilter was born in Austria-Hungary in 1889. He was one of four childern. He began school in 1900 and was an above average student. He decided to attend Reaschule, a school for further study and modern languages. His father strongly wanted him to enter the civil service. Instead he wanted to be an artist, but was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Along with the rejection, Hilter now was faced with the death of his mother. When he lost his inheritance fund, he took a job at a homeless shelter. There he was exposed to racial concepts, like the superiority...