World War One Germany had to face serious problems.

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After World War One German had to face serious problems, such as the Treaty of Versailles, dislike of the weak and unpopular Weimar Government, serious economic problems of inflation and unemployment in the early 1920s and again after 1929 and the Great Depression. Furthermore, fear and concern about the rise of communism with strikes and rebellions. Hitler used powerful persuasion techniques such as propaganda and in other circumstance aggression and violence to eliminate his opponents, thus aiding him to become a totalitarian dictator. This essay will discus the Treaty of Versailles, dislike of the government and economic problems and also fear of communism and the techniques Hitler used to gain power.

Basically, why the Germans were so angry about the treaty of Versailles. A treaty is an agreement which sorts out punishments, land boundaries and could be designed to prevent future war. After the First World War, a treaty had to be made to punish Germany.

This had to be done as Germany had lost the war and had signed the Armistice on 11th November 1918 by the new German government. The Paris peace conference first met in January 1919. It was its job to write the treaty of Versailles. At this peace, conference there was a representative from America, France and Great Britain. Germany was not allowed to house a representative as the Allies knew that they were going to punish Germany, so there was no point having a representative just so they can argue their case. President Woodrow Wilson represented America and he wanted the Treaty of Versailles to be based on his fourteen-point plan. This did not aim to punish Germany but aimed to prevent future war. He did not want to punish Germany as only 116,000 American soldiers died. This is as they...