What would drive these people to do it?

Essay by katsruleJunior High, 8th gradeA, September 2004

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I've often heard about september 11th, about how the U.S. would never really recover, but every time I hear that, I wonder, why did those people in the plane do that, what motivated them to sacrifice there lives to kill many others? There is the customary answer "they where crazy terroists", but I think there is something else. They didn't drop bombs, they dropped themselves, when people are willing to kill themselves to make a point, they must really want it to get through. When they hijacked those planes, I don't think the objective was to cause a ton of misery, I think they wanted to get there point across. Obviously they where radical, even to the thin line of insanity, I mean, why didn't they try to communicate? No one will ever know, because they are dead. They killed innocent people, but we, in Iraq, are killing innocent people to, and we don't consider ourselves crazy.

I think it is part of human nature to take action without really thinking, look at the greeks, they started an entire war over 1 women. I think that everyone is radical to a point, and that we need to think about these things before we make statements on past events.