The Wounded Snake

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The wounded snake The snake has been wounded. He lies on the ground lunging for his last bite. Fighting, squirming for a chance to take down a child of the Most High.

The child does not see the snake on the side of the road. His eyes are focused on the straight and narrow that leads to his Father. The snake sees the child and makes an effort to attract his attention. He is wounded and can not slither onto the road to injure the child of God. So, he covers his ugliness and attempts to be as beautiful as light. And although his attempts are dim in comparison to the Father's light, the child looks; he sees a dim light at the crossroad. He ask himself"¦Why would there be another road that leads away from my Father? And what is this beautiful light that leads me away from the Father? He looks back to the Father as he asked these questions.

Father; help me discern the way in which I should live. The Father's light shown all around the child and the child saw the snake in his truest form"¦dark and dying. Then the Father told the child the truth about the snake. Although he may look attractive to your eyes, his only purpose was to kill, still and destroy.

The child of God trusted his Father and stayed true to his path on the straight and narrow.