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Scarface: The Story of A Man With a Dream

"You wanna play rough? Say hello to my little friend!"- Tony Montana, a.k.a. Scarface. "Scarface" was directed by Brian de Palma and starred Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer along with many others. This movie chronicles the life of a Cuban refuge who came to America in May, 1980, when Fidel Castro opened the harbor at Mariel Bay, Cuba, with the apparent intention of letting some of his people join their families in America. As the movie's opening introduction explains, it soon became obvious that Castro was doing a little more than sending for the scum of Cuba to come to America. Of the 125,000 Cubans who came to America that year, an estimated 25,000 had criminal backgrounds.

Antonio Montana (Al Pacino) was one of those criminals who came to America from Cuba and successfully set up his own kingdom of cocaine, wealth, and greed.

The viewer first sees Tony being interviewed by the police regarding his background. He's asked about the scar that stretches from his eyebrow down to his cheek. He answers all of their questions and is sent off to a quarantine camp along with his long- time friend, Manny (Steven Bauer). After murdering a man in the camp as a favor for a Mafia kingpin named Frank (Robert Loggia), the two buddies are given green cards and released from the camp. Eventually, they land another job for Frank as their wealth and greed begin to grow.

Ever time we see Tony Montana, he is a bit better off. Better clothes, better means of transportation. He visits his mother at her small home in Miami to show how his fortune. He tries to give her money, but she says that people like him give bad names to the hard-working...