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Devon Tarulis



Over the course of the weekend, I applied the yama, satya, in my everyday life. Satya is the commitment to truth. For me personally, I always try and stay truthful as I can, I actually really do. I'm usually a very honest person about everything, so when presented with the challenge of being "truthful", it made me think of other ways I could be truthful. So I found the idea of being truthful to myself about everything as an option. When I was at the gym, I got a text from a friend to go do something, and I almost got up from what I was doing at the gym and left. Then I told myself that I couldn't because you cant skip the gym for little things that don't matter. So I was truthful to myself in the sense that I knew I needed to stay and do my workout because its probably the only fitness I'll get in that day and I need to do it.

This allowed me to have that self-accomplishment feeling because I fulfilled one of my daily goals the way it's supposed to be fulfilled.


During the last five days, I've also applied the yama asteya. Asteya means not to steal. At first, I questioned how I could apply this because I never steal anything anyway. Then I read into it, and asteya is more than just the stealing of material items and such. It could include the stealing of time, attention, and other things. So im not too sure if the whole idea of this is being put to fruition, however I believe I used it in the correct way. My brother got engaged over the weekend, so everyone of course is all happy and stuff blah blah.